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United Cutlery KR0050 Kit Rae Ellexdrow War Spear

United Cutlery KR0050 Kit Rae Ellexdrow War Spear


Rating : 4.5

brand: United Cutlery

List Price : $162.00

Price : $87.00

Saved Price : $75.00

category: Swords

Item Page Detail URL : United Cutlery KR0050 Kit Rae Ellexdrow War Spear

Description : The first spear in the Kit Rae line! Ellexdrow is the spear of the 200 year old Mithrodin master, Kethol av Torketal, who changed the tides of battle in the Red War by throwing his spear and piercing the heart of The Dark One, securing his defeat (from the Swords of the Ancients mythology). Ellexdrow features two AUS-6 stainless steel blades, a blackened steel shaft with leather wrapped grips, and finely detailed solid metal fittings. Each spear is serial numbered and marked with a laser engraved Kit Rae emblem.

Features :

  • 71-Inch overall length
  • 18-1/2-Inch blade length
  • Includes a custom art print
  • Includes certificate of authenticity
  • Individually serial numbered

United Cutlery KR0050 Kit Rae Ellexdrow War Spear

Review : As expected, but not.

It’s pretty much all shown how it looks. There’s nothing that was skipped. It feels sturdy enough to swing around like a lance, but those grips keep becoming loose. It’s bothersome having to fix it each and every time you show someone. Also, I wish that the bottom of the spear was a full point. Not cut off in any way. It took away from me once I saw that. The base of the blades is loose enough to turn it around. Now I have a mild fear of it falling off.

Overall, great looking collectors item, and it literally IS AS SHOWN, but it would’ve been a 5 if they had done something about the grips and the base of the master blade.

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