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Tactical Combat Knife

by mirrror
Tactical Combat Knife The tactical combat knife or survival knife can be the one tool that helps you survive out in the wilderness. They are more than just knives, but can be used for a number of different tools. If you are a person that spends a lot of time outdoors, then you know the implementations that these tactical knives can be used for. There was a time when a man always carried a knife with him where ever he went, and depending on where he went would decide which knife to carry with him. If they were just going [...]


by mirrror
ARE YOU SHARP ENOUGH TO BECOME A THROWING KNIFE MASTER? So you want to be an elite knife thrower? Well, as quick and to the point as i can be, here are basic fundamentals of becoming a knife thrower. You should know how to pick a knife, tips on how to grip it and the way to throw it.Buying a knife. The kind of knife you end up picking could have a great influence on exactly how much you’re able to enjoy knife throwing. Bear in mind that high quality throwing knives do not possess a handle. The blade will [...]

The Sport Of Knife Throwing

by mirrror
The Sport Of Knife Throwing The hobby of Knife throwing has become extremely popular. This is coming from as far as the 15th century where Gypsy circuses would use knife throwing demonstrations to amuse the crowd. What was the most exciting is that these men and women were throwing at live targets, even from time to time actual people in attendance. The art is hinged on the techniques that are used. The wrist technique is where most of the trick is. aside from the fact that you need good eyesight the arm and wrist is the key to ensuring that [...]